CT3+Load (sm-ld-00) 




Wide functionality:

0-26V 0-6A voltage & current measurement. 4.5 digits reading for voltage and current. 0.1% maximum gain error for both voltage and current. Capacity/Energy accumulator.
PD(with PPS), QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0, Huawei SCP, SSCP, FCP, Samsung AFC, VOOC, Super VOOC 65W trigger for charger testing.
Type-C to Type-C, Type-A to Type-C cable resistance tester.
E-mark reader.
VOOC/Dash cable dumper.
Apple charger S/N reader.
Fast-charge protocol auto-detect mode.
Offline data (Voltage, current, D+, and D-) logging up to 100sps.
Internal 12Mbytes storage for data logging and user programs.
Power source ripple meter with 3.2Msps sample rate.

USB3.1 SuperSpeed pass-through for Type-C ports. </br>

USB2.0 + speicial fast charge communication line (For SuperVOOC, VOOC, Dash, Warp) pass-through for Type-A ports.

128*160 1.77’ TFT. Integrated gravity sensor and buzzer for better user experience.

Powerful PC software:
Data logging up to 1000sps.
Lua program downloader.
VBUS ripple viewer(3.2Msps).
PD listener for device diagnosis.
Fast-charge trigger and external load module can also be accessed.
All functionalities can be activated simultaneously for advanced test requirements.

Lua Programmable:
Lua interpreter integrated, provided with various APIs, detailed documentations (Look up at point 1).
Make access to almost all hardware with your own program. Scripts can be set to run on boot.
Internal 12Mbytes memory can be used to store scripts, and can be used as output storage of scripts (Standard file operation supported).

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AVHzY CT-3L+Load (sm-ld-00) USB 3.1 Power Meter Tester Digital Multimeter Current Tester Voltage Detector Lua interpreter integrated DC 26.0000V 6.0000A Test Speed of Charger Cables PD 2.0/3.0 QC 2.0/3.0/4.0 pps Trigge

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